From Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey 

[Note: these descriptions generally fit the SRF leadership typology. For more information on the 4 Keirsey temperament types, check out the forum titled Introduction to Temperament Types]

"Guardians know what the rules say, where the lines are drawn, and with a cocked ear and a sharp eye they are able to detect the smallest hint on non-compliance, the slightest degree of deviation, violation and transgression."

“Guardians seem drawn to the role of social protector, standing watch against the insecurities of life, searching for ways to defend -- both themselves and others -- against loss, defeat, and disappointment, but also against what many of them regard as the irresponsibility of human nature. "

"Guardians naturally assume the role of society's gate-keeper, standing guard at the door and keeping a watchful eye on the coming and going of the people under their jurisdiction. Those without proper credentials (outsiders) cannot be allowed through, those who ignore boundaries (trespassers) must be caught and reprimanded, and those who think they have the right just to barge in (gate-crashers) need to be stopped and expelled --- 'shown the door' as [they] tend to say."

"They are also inclined to caution others about the danger of committing moral transgressions --- 'It wouldn't be right to do that.' And when their warnings are ignored they are the most likely of all to chide or reprove the transgresssor, for they are reluctant to let others get away with much."

"Pessimistic in Looking Ahead" ....."Because so many of their efforts are holding actions, trying to maintain the status quo in fast-paced, ever-changing situation, Guardians have learned to expect the worst."

"Change for a Guardian is unsettling" Guardians are the " keepers of tradition, of custom, of continuity with the past.....the new, the improvised, and the innovative, seem almost an affront to time-honored traditions, and are certainly unsettling."

"Let us think of the Guardians as the Security Seeking Personality. "

Vocational Interest of Guardians: "... office work and clerical jobs -- keeping records, checking inventory, attending to correspondence, filing, accounting-- with the brightest of them becoming executives, administrators, plant or office managers, CPA's, bankers, brokers, insurance underwriters..."

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