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1) Open up the main WALRUS page:

1a) At the bottom of the page, click on Register An Account.

2) Click on GLOBAL account. The SRF WALRUS board requires an account to be approved by the WALRUS to be able to add messages which requires a Global account. If you attempt to register a local account you will receive a message that the Board does not accept local accounts.

3) Enter your desired user name and enter your password twice. Note that WE DO NOT require a password for local administration. This question is preceded by the following note: In some cases the ezboard administrator requires a password for local registration. Please enter it here. JUST LEAVE THIS BLANK.

4) Enter your email address. This MUST be valid since the system emails you something to confirm your registration. Note that the Walrus Admin can not see these email addresses. We can generate email to you but are never given your addresses.

5) Can you receive HTML emails? The answer does not matter.

6) None of the rest of the answers matter… fill in anything you like for name, address, etc... Click REGISTER.
This registration process if very buggy so you may need to try several times. I suggest trying later at night when there is not much load on their servers. I recently tried to register a new name and it crashed and crashed and crashed. Each time it took the name I was trying to use and locked it out.

I received a lot of “This page can not be displayed” messages when trying to register. This means the registration has failed. Your desired name is probably now locked out and you will have to try again.

Another error message is “connection with the server reset”. This is probably a load problem on the server. Nothing can be done, just click BACK on your browser, fill in the password again, and click register. In most cases I have seen this also halfway registers your desired username and therefore has locked out that name. You may need to select another one.

Amazingly, in spite of some of the above errors some of your registrations may have actually worked. Check the email you registered with for a message titled “ account validation instructions”. Skip to step 7.

7) You will receive an email titled account validation instructions. Follow the instructions which require you to click on a link listed in the email. Once you click that link you are registered for EZBOARD. You are not yet registered with the Walrus although you may now read messages and the board will recognize you and keep track of unread messages for you.

8. To finish and be able to add messages open the Walrus board:

9) If not automatically logged on, click the LOGIN link at the top. Enter your new name and password.

10) At the bottom of the board you will see a Quick Jump to EZBOARD, type in “bsrfwalrus”. Or go to link: to open the board.

11) You are now logged onto the SRF Walrus with your new account. To get the approval to add messages just open any category such as CORE ISSUES and click the Add Topic button at the top.

12) Since you are not yet approved for adding message to the Walrus, you will next see the “Apply for Membership” button. The SRF Walrus requires that you be approved before you can enter messages. Click the Apply for Membership button. You will only need to do this procedure once.

That is it! The Walrus Admins are standing by to take your application. In most cases we will see it in a few days and “click OK” on our end.

Once approved your email address will receive a message titled “Your application has been approved!”

Thanks for having the patience for all this and thanks for participating.

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Free Email
For those of you worried about hiding your identity from everyone you may sign up for a FREE email account at the location below:

Give a name which you have had in a previous life (they don't verify that) and an address somewhere in the USA. Once you receive that email account you can sign up for the Walrus using that email address.

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(5/11/02 9:32 am)

Email and Private Messaging

I would also suggest for a free email. They had not been asking as many intrusive questions as yahoo but they may have changed.

Private Messaging

This is how to enable private messaging so that people can send you messages. The message will come to your email but your email address remains anonymous to the sender. If the sender is registered and has private messaging enabled, you'll be able to respond.

From the Walrus main page ( ):

1. Click on My Control Center
2. Then click on the Edit Preferences button
3. Under Other Options, check the Accept Private Messages checkbox.
4. Click Save Changes button at the bottom.

Now people can send you private messages. :)

Please note: Your email address remains private and anonymous with private messaging. Your email address is public if you set it to be public under Edit Profile. I would suggest it remain private.

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(7/14/02 8:59 am)
Re: Signing up...
I think some of the unregistered users had valid points. It's such a hassle to register on Ezboard. Why don't you open it up again? I think people don't register because Ezboard (itself) wants PRIVATE information...hence, your address. Some people might not realize they can use a fake address. Ezboard doesn't just ask for an Email addresses like Google or Yahoo.

I think that is the reason this board is so slow. Fear. Plan and simple... IMO