If you cannot read German, you can use translate.google.com to check out this story. A vegan in Germany complained about the local town hall playing an old children's song on their glockenspiel. What was so offensive? The song was about a fox that swiped a goose, and how a hunter would shot and kill the fox if he didn't let the goose go.  Here is the story: Glockenspiel nicht vegan [glockenspiel is not vegan].

Here is a version of the "offensive" kid's song on Youtube with lyrics: Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen [Fox, you have stolen the goose]. The vegan was more offended by the hunter shooting the fox than by the decidedly non-vegan fox. And what, one might wonder, did the poor harmless goose do to deserve such a cruel fate? And the mouse and cheese mentioned at the end of the song aren't vegan either. Some foxes have all the nerve! smiley: nerd


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