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(8/29/01 5:23 pm)

A note by someone named "Dakota" pointed out something I have been wondering about for a while. SRF is busy publishing works by it's president while there are still works by Yogananda which are unpublished. There are even new edits of Yogananda's lessons which have been unpublished, yet finished, for years and years and years. These include the completed Italian lessons and English language lessons. Why is this? Why are their priorities so goofy? Do they think we would rather read the books of the people that run SRF over those of Yogananda's? Why was the Gita delayed so long yet three books of the president's were published?

Secret Wind
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(3/31/06 9:33 am)
Re: Set proper priorities
My thoughts on this are that perhaps they do it on purpose. They spread out the releases to keep people hooked, to give them something to wait for and look forward to. I remember when I heard about the Gita coming out, it was exciting. It made me feel that I was part of some ongoing, unfolding project; and that kept me happily goose-stepping for SRF. If all of Yogananda's works were released, a lot of the excitement of being part of SRF would be gone.

So are they consciously psychologically playing us? Or is it just "goofy priorities" and the egos of people running SRF that are jumping to get in the spotlight. It's hard to say.