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(12/5/01 2:19 am)

I have heard that recently there was an exodus of 30 or 40 monastics all at once, over some issue. Does anyone know what this was all about?? Was it as a mass protest or coincidence?

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(12/5/01 7:03 am)
Monastics Leaving
About 30 have left in the last 12 months. Not all at once. Reasons vary. Basically it is no longer the place to meditate and grow. The reasons and stories are all through the messages on this board.

I would like to suggest we break out the specific stories to a separate place so they are easy to find. There are so many messages here!

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(12/22/01 11:26 pm)
The Walrus has put many of the specific stories in a separate section now. These help everyone understand why so many have left. I believe the rate of departure has slowed down. Br. Fred was the last to leave? Has anyone left since him?

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(5/20/02 8:34 pm)
3 more monks left
I heard 3 more monks left, they were all long time monastics.
I knew them as Bro. Sevananda, who spent a long time in Encinitas with the postulants under the name of Bri. Glenn.

The second was Bri. Eudardo, he has been a speaker at several temples and on tours.

The Third has/ had a Brother's name but I knew him as Bri.Steven, a long time monk, a great guy.

It would be nice to have them all listed in one place, at least the ones who left in the last 3 yrs. I'd like to know who hasn't left yet!

I used to think "poor one" when a monk/nun left, now I feel relieved for them and hope more will realize what is going on.

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(5/21/02 5:02 am)
Re: 3 more monks left
Steven or Glen -- If you really did take off, contact me if I can be of assistance. My email is available through Walrus.

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(5/22/02 3:23 am)
nuns and monks leave
ex nuns and monks,

please hesitate to email, and then in budding new care and friendship, rush to your email and email me and i will send encouragement and a bit of help

ex householder..wink
ex abused glorifier of srf

now to rewrite this whole post
welcome women who have parted from fear farm...
.steven glenn eduardo miles and all you all

let's relax when we can .. listen to some music
and pay some of your expenses with a few pennies from
my occasionally bloated checking account
srf doesn't get a contribution from soulcircle, and now for the first time,
you will give me an opportunity to know where "my" money is going

my deepest support and most immortal love, you are friends

chela be4
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(5/23/02 4:48 am)
Re: 3 more monks left Bro Sevananda
After asking around the reply that I got was that Brother Sevananda was on sabbatical for 2-3 months with the full intent of returning.

I have no info on the other two

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(1/13/06 8:28 am)

Re: 3 more monks left Bro Sevananda
Any updates on how the monks are doing?

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